Friday, May 11, 2012

carroll shelby

carroll shelby

Today we have lost a legend in the history of the Ford Motor Company, and my family and I have lost a dear friend. Carroll Shelby is one of the most famous names in performance car history, and he's been in everything he did successfully. Whether helping Ford Racing, which dominate 1960 or build some of the most famous Mustangs, his enthusiasm and passion for big cars more than six decades, really inspired all who worked with him. He was a great innovator, whose legend at Ford will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

It legitimizes the American cars on the race tracks around the world ... He was iconic (with), that black cowboy hat. The man in the black hat was always the spoiler ... He ran a lot of tradition and was a bit of rebel.

Carroll was a personal friend of mine, to my late mother and his brother and a good friend of Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis. In fact, so much he means to me, I have my only daughter, Shelby, behind him. He was bigger than life, responsible for some of the most legendary cars including the Cobra, the GT40, the Shelby Mustang and Viper. His car command some of the highest prices on our auction block, and for good reason, because if you are a Shelby, you know you are a piece of automotive history, to buy property. His death is a real loss for us all, both at Barrett-Jackson and the industry as a whole. He was an icon, I was proud to call a friend.

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