Friday, May 18, 2012

facebook stock price

facebook stock price

IPO the most successful technology in the history roared home on a Friday, with a turnover of Facebook shares open at $ 42.05, well above the set price of $ 38.

The share prices rebounded in early trading, falling back a few times to $ 38. However, by 10 am, it was back to more than $ 41.

The company is feverishly anticipated debut on Wall Street - initially for 8 hours - took place about 30 minutes after NasdaqOMX Group said at the opening of the shares of Facebook "experienced a slowdown," said Bloomberg. But with the action now officially on the market, investors could propel the company record of $ 104 billion valuation higher.

Barron reported that Facebook shares were trading at $ 45 on Nasdaq before trading began. And the Associated Press, said Intrade, the market for online gambling, 77 percent chance that the show would close at $ 45 for prediction.

However, other media and non-perishable supplies on things early. Zynga trade was stopped after the stock fell more than 13 percent to a record low at $ 7.17. Groupon fell 6 percent and LinkedIn was reduced by more than 1 percent. The suspension of the shares of Zynga, as a result of a circuit breaker is activated the market when the market is volatile, it should have lasted five minutes, but was much longer.

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