Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

A small town Texas boy calmly drove the winning car in the home of the Dallas Cowboys. 

McCoy successful return to its original state won a spectacular return of Tony Romo in the game. 

McCoy led the Washington Ball Kai Forbath 40 yards in overtime, and Dallas could not answer after Romo returned from a back injury surgically repaired by sending the Redskins to 20-17 victory on Monday night that broke the Cowboys six -Game winning streak. 

Play Dallas Stadium for the first time after winning the Texas record forty-fifth in the Big 12 championship game against Nebraska, 2009 - 13-12 on field goals last game - McCoy won his first NFL start in nearly three years after the start of the night with a record 6 15th. 

'' Last second victories, right? '' McCoy said, laughing. '' I grew up as the game on. I felt more comfortable and started to realize the right to protection. We made some plays down the stretch that good teams have to do to win the game. "

This may be just the beginning of McCoy, Robert Griffin III is ready to return from a sprained ankle that kept her sidelined since Week 2 Redskins go to Minnesota on Sunday as their bye week.

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