Friday, January 30, 2009

Gordon Keith

Gordon Keith was attacked by another radio host Friday morning while both men were in Tampa, Fla covering the Super Bowl The incident happened while Keith was on the air as part of the "Dunham and Miller Show" on Sportsradio 1310, "The Ticket.

Earlier in the week on radio row, I had approached another gentleman, Darrel Ankarlo, with whom we had had a radio spat with many years ago and Darrel and I resolved it with a handshake and a smile. I felt that there was hope to do the same with Nasty. Obviously I was mistaken. I offered Nasty nothing but kind words and he attacked me, grabbing my collar before choking me," he added.

Friday morning, though, things escalated when Keith approached Aparicio, microphone in hand, and says he asked if the two sides could "bury the hatchet." Then, apparently, Aparicio grabbed Keith by the neck. The two were separated and police were called.

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