Sunday, March 4, 2012

snl lindsay lohan

snl lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan in Disney roots chosen to host Saturday Night Live, for the third time. In The Real Housewives of Disney, Lohan plays Rapunzel, who is willing to descend from the tower and in the center of attention. Like any other Real Housewives, there was a fair share of money problems (Jasmine and her husband that all your needs), marital problems ("Never marry a man who loves shoes," warns Cinderella if we find its decrepit Prince Charming) and Auto-Tuned horrible dance floor.

In his monologue, Lindsay Lohan thanked the cast and crew at SNL to trust enough to let her return, only his eyes and called Kenan Thompson Kristen Wiig battle. Alum Jimmy Fallon was a little more reassuring. "You can do this, and if for some reason can not, Jon Hamm is on standby as a backup series."

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