Sunday, March 4, 2012

valley fever

valley fever

New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis probably has Valley Fever and get free days of extreme fatigue, a symptom of the disease.

Davis had a physical examination when he arrived at spring training in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and examination showed an abnormal chest X-ray. He was sent to New York for further investigation and when he returned to camp, the Mets, said Davis had a simple pneumonia.

The team released a new diagnosis of reported Saturday after the condition of Davis earlier in the day.

"After further testing, here and in New York, specialists in infectious lung diseases and have concluded that Ike probably valley fever, which is expected to be resolved over time," the Mets said in a statement.

Davis is expected to be available to reporters on Sunday.

Valley Fever is a fungal infection that is released from the dirt in the desert Southwest and inhaled. It can be powered by the construction and wind. Davis lives in the offseason in Arizona.

"Ike is not contagious, not a medical treatment for his condition, and now has no external symptoms associated with valley fever," said the Mets. "However, Ike instructed to extreme fatigue. There are no tests or investigations pending, but Ike will be a follow-up investigation when the team returns to New York in early April."

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