Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Biggest Loser


Biggest Loser

Danny Allen said that she had spent the last few months, which is the victory of season 14 of "The Biggest Loser". She imagined what it would feel like to step on the scale for the last time. She thought she felt the confetti raining down on her, signaling victory.

But she was not willing to imagine what she would do if she won the $ 250,000 top prize in the NBC weight loss competition. Why? I do not want to jinx myself.

Exhausted Danni told the media on Tuesday and said that she has not yet decided how to spend the money, except for a little splurge: She and Jeff, who are the two finalists in the competition is guaranteed to go on Monday night, the winner will be signed to the other with you on vacation, to be rewarded for hard work. And she plans to fulfill that promise.

"I'd probably be in Francelina," said Jeff turned to his friend, the other competitors on the farm. Danni joked that this would be the third wheel in such a way, but added ". Everybody says that I'm alone and cold so well, maybe I'll find your love in this way as well,"

Danny was one of the most amazing transformations in the "Biggest Loser" history, in part because of the unusual composition of the body, which allows you to put on at least 19 pounds of muscle while losing the ranch there. 26 old joined the cast weighs 258 pounds . She lost 121 pounds - or 46.90% of her body weight - during the race. And Danny was - Gogol, in fact - the final looks like a fitness model sculpture.
She beat Jeff just a pound, which is considered one of the next show's history. But she said it installed.

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