Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ashley Biden

Ashley Biden is the 27-year-old daughter of Joe and Jill Biden and is now caught up in a cocaine video scandal. This is particularly distressful considering her father, former Senator and now Vice-President Joe Biden has been crusader against drugs. In fact, he is the one who coined the term ‘drug czar’ in 1982 while campaigning for the ‘war on drugs’. Whoops!
It seems she was at a house part this month in Delaware when the 43-minute video was taken. The video is of a woman who resembles Biden and who is heard on the tape to be complaining that her coke line isn’t long enough, talking about drugs and discussing her father. At another point, the girl on the film shouts, “Shut the f— up!” She apparently knew she was being filmed.
The fact that the New York Post won’t pay for the video doesn’t mean there isn’t a bidding war going on for it. The shooter initially tried to get $2 million for the video, but brought his price down to $400,000. There are two publications that have offered around $225,000 for the video. Dunlap has said that the person who shot the video has known Ashley for a long time, has more videos of her and a lot more information about her.

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