Monday, March 30, 2009

Detroit News

The Detroit News offeres up a redesign to its readers today (Monday). We always hear what a great news town Detroit is. The night of our redesign launch was no different. The resignation of General Motors’ CEO, along with Michigan State’s win to clinch a Final Four berth right here in Detroit next weekend, put our breaking-news instincts to the test on Day 1.
Now, to our breaking news: The News, along with the Detroit Free Press, will be home delivered on Thursday and Friday (the Free Press home delivers the Sunday paper.) Both papers print editions will only be sold at newsstands on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. The size of the paper varies from 30 pages on Saturday, our smallest edition, to 80 pages on Thursday, our biggest edition.
The goal of The Detroit News redesign is to provide readers with a product that still presents all of the day’s important news without compromising the paper’s ability to deliver authoritative, in-depth stories. The new newshole guidelines have led us to develop quick-read techniques. This allows readers to either scan the paper, or read every word, and still have a rewarding experience with us.

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