Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day celebrations in April, you'll be able to bypass the guilt as you learn about conservation and alternative energy while munching food served in containers made of vegetable-based material. Even the plastic-looking knives and forks will be made from potato starch, cornstarch and other compostable materials says Taylor, a partner in Green Tahoe Inc. of Truckee, brokers of biodegradable products.
Started eight years ago by the nonprofit Tahoe Earth Day Foundation, the events are designed to provide information about global climate change, recycling, water conservation, sustainability, energy production, composting, trash reduction and carbon footprints. The programs will tell you how you can help protect and improve the environment, says Suzanne Wilkins, chairwoman of the Squaw Valley event. But to make it fun and to celebrate the earth in a positive way, she says, musical and other entertainment will be offered as well.
Contests and activities for children and dozens of booths focused on the environment will be part of the festivities. Organizations sponsoring displays will include government agencies, public utility companies, water districts, environmental nonprofits, and commercial vendors offering recycling and conservation products and services. Exhibits and entertainment venues will fill the central courtyard at the Village at Squaw Valley, a chalet-style condominium and shopping complex.

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