Friday, April 3, 2009

50 dollar computer

The 50 dollar computer has become a reality thanks to the new AT&T Netbook and the newest offer for Atlanta and Philadelphia residents. The 50 dollar computer has a catch, but getting an AT&T netbook notebook computer may make the catch worth it. Atlanta and Philadelphia users will be offered a very stripped down notebook computer for only $50 if they sign up for a two year high speed internet contract.
The model is nothing new, mobile phone companies have been doing it for years by offering a free or nearly free phone for a signed contract for mobile phone service. You can still get the $50 computer but it’ll cost more than $50 - Yes, I know it sounds weird but other companies offer the Netbook with different deals attached to it, this is just the offer from AT&T. Look for similar deals from Verizon and other wireless providers.
50 Dollar Computer - Some years ago, the notion of buying a computer for only $50 seem like an idea extracted from science fiction on a distant future, but thanks to the advances of technology, the first $50 computers are being offered to the public. The lucky people who can buy a 50 dollar computer can find them on Philadelphia and Atlanta. These inexpensive laptops are offered by AT&T and you can get them if you sign up for two years of Internet connection.

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