Thursday, April 23, 2009

Atlanta Steam

The Atlanta Steam is part of the Lingerie Football League – a full contact, seven-on-seven sport played on a 50-yard field. Players wear tight shorts, bikini tops, helmets and shoulder pads. The team is moving to Charlotte after multiple Atlanta-area venues declined to host games, the Journal-Constitution reported. “Charlotte, however, is glad to welcome the team,” the story read.
Atlanta may have its fair share of strip clubs, but it wasn’t ready for lingerie-clad ladies playing football. The Atlanta Steam —- the city’s first lingerie-wearing women’s football team —- is moving to Charlotte after failure to find a stadium in Georgia. League officials said they submitted bids to multiple venues in Fulton and Gwinnett counties, but were denied a place to play. They declined to identify the venues.
“We checked out everything. No stone was left unturned,” said Jennifer Colter, a spokeswoman for the Lingerie Football League. “There was a little bit of friction and hesitation with certain venues not wanting that type of entertainment. The Steam will announce their new stadium later this week, Colter said. The Steam were scheduled to start training camps here this week and kick off the first season in September against the New England Euphoria.

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