Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Megan McAllister

Megan McAllister and Philip Markoff will be getting married this August 14,2009। According to the police Phil Markoff killed Julissa Brisman, 26, last Tuesday inside a Boston hotel during an alleged robbery. Markoff was from northern New York state, now resides in Quincy near Boston. He will be graduated this year but as of now he will suspended.
Megan McAllister, says that Philip Markoff "could not hurt a fly।" She says he's "a beautiful person inside and out." McAllister and Markoff are scheduled to be married this August 14, 2009. The police says that Markoff, a clean-cut medical student, robbed and killed Julissa Brisman, a 26-year old who had advertised exotic services on Craigslist, , last Tuesday inside a Boston hotel. Markoff has also allegedly attacked another female in a separate incident. The police believes that his motive in the crimes was to pay off gambling debts.
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  1. He not a killer.
    Philip markoff wedding ...
    Megan McAllister was poised for marriage with Phillip Markoff.No unexpected happened-arrest.The video from the scene:
    He not a killer