Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lisa Renna

Lisa Rinna has proven the hype was all worth it! Pictures from her nude photo shoot made their way to the internet yesterday, sparking renewed interest in an actress who has appeared to be sliding down the alphabet of celebrity status in recent years। Looking sleek, steamy and ultra sexy, Rinna captures the vibe of the late sixties with a Mrs Robinson-esque layout featuring classic styles and poses befitting of a true Hollywood starlet।
Be sure to pick up the May 2009 issue of Playboy magazine and check her out for yourself – we promise it will be worth the money! Or, if you just can’t wait for the May issue to hit the stands, check out some X-rated sneak previews here। Lisa Rinna also posed for Playboy in 1998 (photo below). Take a look at both photos and let us know if you think Lisa looked better then or now।
Lisa Renna is in this month’s issue of Playboy।Oh, and when you’re breakin out the Jergens and Kleenex, just remember that she’s old enough to be your nana. Words likely never to be spoken aloud again: “I totally get why O।J. did what he did.” I always had a thing for redheads. Primarily because I secretly think they are all witches who use their powers to place sexy love spells on me. Evan Rachel Wood…it worked.

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  1. Lisa Rinna is old enough to be be my fraternal twin sister, not my grandmother! But thanks for the pictures anyway! I prefer the previous look because of the hair. But now at least I have a non-pregnant look to balance out the pregnant look.