Saturday, August 21, 2010

jay mariotti

jay mariotti

ESPN personality and sports columnist Jay Mariotti AOL was arrested for a criminal charge in Los Angeles.Officer Norma Eisenman said the 51-year-old was arrested early Saturday in the Pacific Division Mariotti Police Department after a incident "within." Eisenman declined further given in the Sheriff's Department website to provide confirmed Mariotti was hired by a secret crime by 5:45 and on $ 50,000 bail.Mariotti lives in Los Angeles. Was a panelist on the ESPN show "Around The Horn" and writes a regular column for AOL Sports website.

Ray Ratto, "Let it be that Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, Ryan Longwell went to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, lost his reluctance grabbed teammate Brett Favre of his tractor as he ran, threw him into the trunk of your car hire and pulled him to the airport. Let it be that Allen, himself an avid hunter, threatened a few pounds of Buckshot recalcitrant brought back if Favre does not make a decision. O Longwell kick offered to surrender. Or that only he and Hutchinson-fireman who grabbed him, kicking and screaming in the car. Please let there be only one degree of humiliation for the man who merged the words "drama" and "Queen" in the national language of existing terminology in the shot NFL. is the least we can do for a people who long ago tired of offseason for Favre, no matter what you might have thought of their stations. We deserve at least. "

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