Saturday, August 21, 2010

rocky graziano

rocky graziano

Genesis: The Story of former middleweight champion Rocky Graziano. Graziano took against Tony Zale in 1947 World Cup title, but lost him a year later, in a duel with Tony Zale. Sugar Ray Robinson said that after fighting Graziano phrase: "Nobody has been harder than Rocky (Graziano)."

The film's plot is simply told. As never hired Rocky Barbella (later called Graziano) in the slums of New York. Quickly brings angrily to the jail. There is reconsidering his life Rocky, landed in the army, which still gets into trouble again. Only when one learns to channel his insatiable rage in the boxing ring, which governs his life and is a champion.

Conclusion: There is definitely a feel-good film, but with a wonderful Paul Newman. The film made Newman a star. He had carefully prepared for the film, Graziano, studying the elastic step, his shoulders hunched and seizure Graziano, could hardly be driven, loaded full of anger and explosives.

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