Sunday, August 1, 2010

shark week

shark week

nicknamed "Happy Shark Week" and today, August 01 on the Discovery Channel. This season with six new special brand of shark. Craig Ferguson hosts the show.After one years, episodes of Shark Week on the previous year are usually released on DVD. The complete 2009 season of Shark Week in two additional episodes that never aired, for instance, available from a few months. This DVD also includes a two-hour documentary, entitled "Blood in the Water."

Shark Week starts Sunday 2010 8.1, with a "Jaws last breath in the twentieth pm E / P and" Into the shark bite "in 10 e / p. There are also a number of live shark feeding show from time to time in the Ocean Voyager exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. You can see sharks and more sharks live cam here at the Georgia Aquarium! Shark week on the web you can also watch this video:

A thirty-minute video with ten of the shark attacks most impressive ever captured on tape. It also gives a shark attack survival guide. You can also get expert advice on how to prevent and survive a shark attack.Another video shows 10 sharks that you probably never seen, including the rare shark with a frown, the goblin shark, what kind of Greenland shark seems creepy and mysterious. that sharks are only to eat human life is a myth. In a one-hour presentation of the same together with all the common myths about sharks and show you the correct information. They also provide information on why we really need sharks and what they actually do.

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