Sunday, April 17, 2011

danielle staub

danielle staub

Daniel Staub, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey-star, sued for $ 350,000 from the owner of the Penthouse Executive strip club for breaking a contract.

Staub, who is so far the FBI bust cocaine possession and sales in the '80 's, you will not see a live web chat, voice, and bought a post after the video being shot Swan Media Group. Staub was paid $ 25,000 to her alleged services in November 2010.

Gans Robert Swan is owned and operated by the same Manhattan office, one of the strip clubs.

The terms and conditions stated that Staub was the proceeds of the sale of the video and a 50/50 split of any media company would pay the extra points he made in the appearance of another band.

In February, Staub broke communication between the company and refused him a legal letter to North Bergen, NJ home asked.

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