Friday, April 29, 2011

kate middleton wedding dress

kate middleton wedding dress

The designer Alexander McQueen's wedding dress was Kate Middleton.

Burton was a seamstress in the gossip, the buzz starts in March, she touched the work. The Sunday Times of London first claimed, was Burton, The Chosen, and the other British newspapers, and, of course, Twitter really went to town.

But Burton squelched speculation, Vogue UK says: "I am not a" McQueen and CEO Jonathan Akeroyd, who had leaked the news that a colleague who then end up in the Times, denied the report noted, "No, not at all. I I'm the CEO. I'd like to know that it is not. "

The turning point was on Thursday when a photograph of a woman, it seems, Burton was spotted entering the Goring Hotel, where he spent the night with Kate Middleton.

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