Sunday, April 17, 2011

extreme makeover home edition

extreme makeover home edition

Tonight, ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition team met with the Hall family in Kansas. Carl and Stacey is the proud parents of four great kids. About a year ago, the eldest daughter Megan led the family home of the basketball tournament and the unthinkable happened.

The SUV finally flipping over and Carl is paralyzed from the neck down. This sports-oriented family, was hit on so many levels, but the most basic need of housing in the most difficult. Having lived a bi-level home, Carl was never to return. The family moved to an apartment that is really too small to be someone in a wheelchair.

Carl and Stacey, in love since high school, was not even able to share a bed because of the accident, and sleeping in a converted garage.
When the EMHE crew intervened, using Bob Cook Builders, the house was built very quickly, because someone has given a new plot of land and demolition was not necessary.

The family was sent to Orlando, FL, to visit Mickey Mouse, and visit some of the baseball team was there for spring training! Since Carl was an all-star baseball player for four years, while the university basketball team, was particularly pleased that this part of the family vacation to see. Paul Dime, one of the designers, not flown in to help Carl and his family to the introduction of Derek Jeter New York Yankees. Derek Carl had said that his role model.

Meanwhile, back in Kansas, made the staff working on the house where Carl will be able to independently and some freedom of movement throughout the house, but in order to get back to his family, especially his favorite sport of baseball. Brent Bushnell of Syn-Labs has some unique technology that Carl is a pitching machine to operate through a mouthpiece for blowing into it, similar technology could be moved using a wheelchair. all go home.

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