Monday, January 23, 2012

chip kelly

chip kelly

Chip Kelly is doing everything fast, so probably not a surprise that only lasted a few hours for your ideas on the major advances in the NFL. But on the heels of the latest Sunday night waiting for the confirmation of his departure from Oregon, it seems that even the most famous college football lead foot is susceptible to an attack of cold feet.

As of Monday morning, Kelly has apparently decided to stick with the program he built into a coherent national competitor in Eugene, at least temporarily, the visions of a time bomb in the process of the NCAA harmless. The fit was not good: Kelly is a career college coach with only three years as head coach under his belt, just five years away from the offensive coordinator for New Hampshire. Wildlife production has been honed and refined over the last ten years can not be translated to the next level, especially in a team with a quarterback starting 250 pounds, which is a major threat to run. Kelly is a young man (48 November), but at this point in his career, moving to the next level would be primarily an exercise in ego, waiting to punch in the face of the whole world into two or three years.

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