Monday, January 23, 2012

rand paul detained

rand paul detained

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was locked aboard a flight Monday Security Administration Transportation in Nashville, Tennessee, following the refusal of a full body search, POLITICO has confirmed.

"I talked to him five minutes ago, and was detained indefinitely," said spokesman Paul Moira Bagley. "The exploration of the image was refused patdown."

Paul's father, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), tweeted the news of the incident and said it was an "anomaly" with a body scan.

"My son @ SenRandPaul is retained by the TSA to reject the whole body frisking after the failure in the body of the scanner in Nashville. For more details," wrote Twitter account verified presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The TSA rejects this characterization of the facts.

The Kentucky senator triggered an alarm at the airport routine and refused to end the process, said a TSA official, but "was no place at any time." An objective search is typically used to remove the alarm.

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