Monday, January 23, 2012

steven tyler

steven tyler

"American Idol" judge and sometimes Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has survived drugs, alcohol and falls off the stage, but singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" may have been too much.

The singer performed the National Anthem before the Patriots, Ravens playoff game in the NFL in Foxboro, Massachusetts, on Sunday, and the different accounts that shattered into pieces. (Other fans like Tyler was only his stylized interpretation of the song you do). In addition to their usual shouts, Tyler gave the text is about to sing "as bomb explodes in the air" rather than the desired "bombs bursting in air."

While the show was greeted with applause from the stands, the TV audience had a different reaction. Fox News, Greg Gutfeld Twitter: "I went out of his misery put a raccoon -. I realized that my neighbor was watching Steven Tyler sings the hymn"

Actor Michael McKean, who knows a thing or two about your bad day singing Spinal Tap, wrote: "'on target!" - Steven Tyler, alone. "

However, Tyler had his defenders, "Parks and Recreation" actor and the man who made Drew Peterson, Rob Lowe, with his somewhat-sorta support tweets, "# Steve Tyler !!!!"

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