Thursday, January 26, 2012

joe paterno memorial service

joe paterno memorial service

State College, Pa. - Maybe I was a stranger, someone not in the insular world, Penn State, who lit microphone Thursday not approached the blue seats in the back of the stage, but the darkness of internships. Maybe someone who is still revered Joe Paterno, but he was not bound by the former coach of such grace, to go where nobody else stepped to the microphone dared to go. ¶ It was Nike's Phil Knight, chairman, one of the 12 speakers at the memory of the late Paterno, who was not part of the Penn State community to say what everyone probably wanted, but had to respect one's sense Paterno family decency to say really. ¶ "It's a tragedy villain," Knight said, looking around 12,000 attendees, "found in the research, not Joe Paterno's reaction ... I have it leads to this question: Who is the director ¶ actual words Penn State University "Knight, hit the Bryce Jordan Center as thunder, lifting the entire crowd to their feet by a roaring standing ovation that lasted a few minutes?. Knight said that when he does, he turned and left the stage and behind a black curtain.

In two hours of service of 15 minutes, otherwise hit all the expected notes - the poignant and humorous stories of half a dozen former players, Paterno for the heartbreaking eulogy delivered by Paterno's son, Jay - Knight was the only speaker who was coming to a scandal that, at least for the world outside of the state university, the legacy of the infected 85-year-old coach.

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