Saturday, March 5, 2011

craigslist home page

craigslist home page

It started at random, such partnerships often young, fast connection, limited budgets and big ideas. Back in the summer of 2009, Jacob Krupnick, an aspiring photographer in his mid-20s, pulled a fashion PR firm hired her for a promotional video for a shoe show. He went on Craigslist to recruit 50 dancers (all skills, all ages, all body ") to set up a makeshift studio in the Meatpacking District hot night in July. Payment was a slice of pizza.

Anne was 20 march, that even in the summer recovering from a childhood of great anxiety, Teaneck, NJ: competitive ballet school and performing the "Nutcracker" at Lincoln Center and the pressure to pick the best and leanest en Pointe and IEST-girl in the classroom. Since it does not, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia a year ago, he went rogue, dance-wise, three or four hours a day around the studios in New York City - jazz, modern, tap, salsa, flamenco, belly dancing, break-dancing, West Africa, pole dancing, capoeira - a loan gestures and movements, and cook them in their own unique B-girl bouillabaisse.

Shoot Krupnick came in that night and sweating a little bit confusing, straight from the hip-hop class, wearing sweat pants and a white T-shirt with Dr. Seuss. Krupnick he gave her iPod, cued a song Daft Punk robot or a human, then offered the camera, a five-minute freestyle that mixed high-intensity is high, locks, pirouettes, cartwheels and karate kicks and sensual hip gyrations imaginary stick curling .

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