Monday, March 7, 2011

dan kanter

dan kanter

On Monday afternoon, apparently Bieber guitarist Dan Kanter, tweeted, "hey guys just wanted the fans to start with, that I resigned from working with Justin and I will delete my twitter quickly informed."

The library said, "you missed @ Danka transparent .. but what you did was terrible. You will never be forgiven."

Cue ominous-sounding music! Do not worry, though, Beliebers, Justin was just kidding. Kanter I asked to borrow his phone for a moment, and sent it to the ignition beep. Then replied for the sake of credibility. It should give him a credit for the joke. Justin has all the tour, currently in Dublin, Ireland.

At least for the moment. Kanter has vowed to take revenge (revenge or the Twitter world #) in Bieber, and the Library Society of the sights on tour prank Director Alfredo Flores, who gave the joke away too soon, if you ask Justin.

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