Monday, March 14, 2011

pi day

pi day

Pi Day rolled again: the day of the math fans everywhere - especially in the United States, where the date is written 3.14 - we celebrate everyone's favorite mathematical constant.

If you are curious about the best time of the day to celebrate, unfortunately you've missed. The first few songs, 3.14159, this means that year on March 14, 01:59. This will be a pleasant hours in four years time, when the festivities start on 14/03/1915 at 09:26:53.

Do not let you out the subtleties of timing, though. Princeton University has celebrated an extended weekend of events, culminating in a celebration of Pi Day. The four-day event recitations pi, pie eating contests, shopping deals and $ 3.14 for pi, or $ 31.40. Albert Einstein's birthday today, which is the inevitable creation of Einstein's Pie.

But do not worry if you do not know pi to a party personally. Continue to invite fans into Pi pi Christopher Poole is a phone - call your U.S. phone number 253 243-2504 to hear the numbers read. Do not listen too long, though: as pi is infinite, who knows what could be included in telephone bills.

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