Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cap and Trade Vote Results

After much debating the Cap and Trade Vote Results are in! The American Clean Energy and Security Act barely passed in the U.S House of Representatives with a final vote of 219-211. The bill needed 218 votes to pass. From here the Senate is now expected to print their version of the legislation before the bill can be passed to President Obama.
Despite that, almost fifty Democrats crossed the aisle and voted against Cap and Trade. They knew how their constituents, who were melting down phone lines and stuffing email boxes in opposition, feel about being fleeced by the government for no good reason. Unfortunately eight Republicans, RINOs actually, voted in favor of Cap and Trade and provided the margin of victory.
The irony is that it is conventional wisdom that Cap and Trade, at least the House version, is going to die a very quick death in the Senate. That means that quite a few House members have alienated their constituents for no reason. In the meantime, embarrassing provisions from Cap and Trade, such as the regulatory regime for hot tubs, will continue to come to light.

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