Saturday, June 27, 2009

National HIV Testing

National HIV Testing Day was organized by the National Association of People with AIDS with support from the Disease Control and Prevention. offered free HIV awareness classes aIn recognition of the 16th Annual National HIV Testing Day Island Coast Aids Networknd after hours testing on Saturday. "Testing is safe, today testing is non-invasive. Testing is important. Today you can live with AIDS. It's a wonderful time to be alive with HIV and AIDS because there's hope,” said AIDS survivor Marcus Morris.
The CDC recommends that people aged 13 to 64 be tested as a routine part of their medical care. Free confidential testing is conducted using the OraSure mouth swab. To schedule an HIV test contact Dr. Peter Bright at (239) 464-7398. "The Centers for Disease Control recommend every sexually active adult is tested annually. Unless you have a GPS tracker or a camera on your partner's zipper you don't know where and when it comes down,” said Dr. Peter Bright, I-Can Director of Programs.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Saturday, June 27th is National HIV testing day. The Southside Ministry Church on Emerson held a health fair this afternoon, to encourage neighbors to get tested. They are trying to break past the stigma of HIV testing by making testing quick and easy. Experts say as many as one in five people with HIV, don't know they're infected. If you didn't get tested Saturday, but want to, click on the link on the right for more information on testing sites.

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