Sunday, June 28, 2009

Connie Hamzy

Connie Hamzy is best known for being a groupie that had sex with several rockstars back in the day. Today she is 50 years old. From Little Rock, Arkansas, Connie Hamzy has been a groupie who has been with several rock icons including the Eagles, Led Zeppelin,the Who and even Neil Diamond.
Connie Hamzy is exceptionally caring to her loved ones and in her love relationship she always searches devotion and security. She always provides promotional and warm atmosphere to her loved ones. Hamzy always cares to hang on with other and try to stop them from changing. Connie Hamzy’s interests are to providea good affection physically, touching and closeness and she always has a good movement to eat too much during the sensual pleasures and comforts
Hamzy always has a thirst for those things which are foreign or far away from her or for those things which she has never used before. Connie always wants to throw herself fully into the tastes and feelings of every new place instead of being collecting the facts and figure or a thinker appreciation. She has a restless personality emotionally. She is very determined and her power is in her feelings. May be she has a feeling that she has to emphasize herself without thinking about the risks that could be involved. Connie is not probably agree to compromise on those tensions which have been given by the others. Probably she has a wrongly theory about that world which is around her and due to this probably she suffered a lot of regrets.

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