Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Property Room

Property Room is an eBay for police auctions. PropertyRoom.com carries property rooms of 1600 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. It picks up the contents, then sells them, and finally splits the proceeds with the law enforcement agency, money typically going to the agency’s pension fund. As one report explains, after Property Room picks up the contents, it sorts them locally, then brings them to their facility in Los Angeles. Immediately a Gemological Institute of America-trained specialists examines jewelry items to see if they are real.
Agencies reportedly are pull in as much as $60,000 per year for their pension funds because of propertyroom sales. And that number is growing. The brainchild is former police officers including reportedly Daryl Gates as its founder. It now deals with 2000 departments and has annual profits of $3 million PropertyRoom.com, a unique e-commerce marketplace, features goods seized and found by law enforcement agencies.
Additionally, PropertyRoom.com offers items from Trusted Merchants in a variety of hot e-commerce categories including electronics, collectibles, jewelry, sports equipment and much more.As a PropertyRoom.com law enforcement agency partner or trusted merchant you gain access to our loyal base of over 600,000 registered bidders, as well as to our proven expertise in the law enforcement and e-commerce industries.

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