Tuesday, October 26, 2010

clavicle fracture

clavicle fracture

Tony Romo INJURY - It seems that the Cowboys will go with Tony Romo. Earlier today, the quarterback broke his left clavicle during a match he lost to his team - the Cowboys suffered a 41-35 defeat in their match against the New York Giants at Dallas.

Fractures of the clavicle frequent and usually benign, but in some cases, surgery may be needed.
Mainly after the fall of the shoulders, and often occurs in sports such as skiing, cycling and football.Although some of these fractures require surgery, the problem is a big possibility that after the MRI does not Romo, he just wanted to continue his convalescence, 6-8 weeks to heal in December.

The incident took place in the second quarter, when New York linebacker Michael Boley had landed after a pass from Romo to Miles Austin.Jon Romo replaced kit, he has not played a single game this season, had a very slow start, but eventually found the rhythm at the end of the game and scored two touchdowns.

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