Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hocus pocus cast

hocus pocus cast

This is a film in 1993, Sanderson sisters, the legendary group of witches in Salem, Massachusetts, has become a Halloween staple, without an award-winning performance - just a spooky story to the audience back to the head witch childhood.Starring convincing Bette Midler Winifred Sanderson, Kathy Najimy as Mary the quirky, ditzy and boy-crazy and Sarah Jessica Parker for her "Sex and the City" days, as a sister of Sarah, the film is a wonderful cast of memorable characters.

The plot revolves around Max Dennison (Omri Katz), struggling to adapt to the new boy at school, and problems to try to find the popular Allison (Vinessa Shaw), fascinated by lighting the black flame candle is raised, the Sanderson Sisters Among the dead, as illuminated virgin.The sisters back to life, and try to suck the lives of children in their youth and reserve enough fuel to stay alive to get to the good.

In the film, the Kid-hungry trio turn up for a fun trip to the neighborhood kids for a party, while trying to live in a world after decades of time - all the time is off the futuristic, Halloween holiday has never heard of. This leads to enormous confusion, when the witches, the smell of the children, but also threw off the costumes, and even lead to a little trouble with the wife of a man dressed as Satan, who believed in his long-lost master. "The viewers find themselves rooting for the more innocent character in the film, such as the charming teen Max, with his cute little sister Dani (Thora Birch) and a zombie misunderstood.

Most of our characters, however, Thackery Binx, a teenager who had been a black cat, if he caused the witches to be hanged to death in an attempt to save his brother, the creative crew wrath.The witches try to stop the witches of the ultimate death, as the tricking them thinking of a car headlight, the sunrise (which refers to the nuns in time for the young people can be found), and convince them of the sprinkler system is a "burning rain of death," to keep the audience laughing, despite the fact that a few spooky moments.

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