Tuesday, October 5, 2010

october surprise terror

october surprise terror

There are a lot of queries containing the word games and of course October Surprise Terror hysteria. Check out would give a sense that leads to the U.S. election. We are approaching the November elections and the terror is hysteria by the spill. There are plenty of airport lobbies that terrorist attacks will receive in connection with the incident of 2007, where two mentally retarded fire a jeep outside the Glasgow airport. This caused a wave of hysteria that people were very surprised.

October surprise now and back and lose all the terror it was established with the government is preparing for the upcoming elections. Here is an excerpt from the website information in the war of October Surprise terror: Terror recycled hysteria: "Among the possible targets of the alleged terrorist plot European list of safe pre-identified areas in at least five major European airports, an officer Police told ABC News. The authorities believe terror teams are preparing for an order to attack with small arms and small units modeled after the Mumbai attack two years ago to assemble. "

Thoughts are a team of potential terrorists ready to attack Europe or the United States. Have kept tight security to prevent this. Surprisingly, yes in 2000, the Italian Senate investigation revealed that the bombing of the Bologna train 1980 was actually made by men who belonged to the Italian state institutions and the United States intelligence. This would be a big surprise.

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