Tuesday, October 26, 2010

kringle candle company

kringle candle company

Almost everyone had a chance to breathe some awesome Yankee Candles found in different stores. Now the son of the founder of the Society Ambiente branched out on their own. Bernard is the first store opened in Livingston, Massachusetts this past weekend. The Kringle Candle Company is the result of a twenty-year ambitious entrepreneur.

Michael Kittredge II, founded the Yankee Candle Company, when he was only sixteen years old. This means that the kid some awful big footsteps to follow. The boy opened a variety of Christmas-themed items on the shelves. The Kringle Candle Company all the ingredients for a great Christmas story.

The younger the candle maker to start his own business seemed the most logical path to take. Indeed, the decision to go with the candle was the choice that he can not too much fanfare, he already knew the business inside and outside. The general consensus is a shop with the locals is that if the young are working as hard as his father, he is certainly a success. If you're wondering where I can get the data to find Kringle Candle Company.

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