Tuesday, October 26, 2010



As the Dallas quarterback Tony Romo was in November 2006, he missed only three games, all in 2008 with a broken finger. But apart from a very good medical report on Tuesday, shattering the broken left collarbone, Romo will be out much longer this time, maybe the rest of what has become a lost season, the Cowboys - Owner Jerry Jones said that Romo prognosis of six to eight weeks to heal .

In one year, it was so terrible Romo and the Cowboys, began a 1-4 mark coming into the game, the Giants on Monday night went so well. The two early interceptions of Eli Manning, Romo to Jason Witten for a touchdown my best friend, and a field goal, Dallas led 10-0.

The Cowboys then got the ball on the New York Giants in the field again after another turnover. But both will play, rookie fullback Chris Gronkowski gave Michael Boley free shot Romo the quarterback and the linebacker hit the turf.

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