Thursday, October 28, 2010



Karl Rove, the Republican gurus who contribute to Republican candidates raise tens of millions of dollars to increase this year, said Thursday that the new reality show on the Discovery Sarah Palin help or hurt her political ambitions in 2012.

"In all honesty, that his own reality show on the Discovery Channel, I'm not sure how this fits into the American calculus" that will help me to the Oval Office, "Roveň said in an interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph. The story does the website of the British newspaper under the headline: "Karl Rove Sarah Palin questions the suitability for the presidency."

The Americans have a high level of the person occupying the White House, said the man President George W. Bush's top political adviser. "They have a certain degree of seriousness, and look at candidates and say: 'This marked things that gives me that they belong to the most demanding job in the world. ""

Roveň mention potentially damaging to her political future, a promotional clip for the new show - "Sarah Palin of Alaska." As the mother of five, enjoying the outdoors, says: "I would rather this than some stuffy old political function. I would rather be here freely."

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