Tuesday, October 5, 2010

terror hysteria

terror hysteria

terror alerts should not be taken lightly, however, American travelers should not worry too much about traveling to Europe. Recently, the terrorist alert issued trading was not very clear about exactly where clause in Europe can be dangerous for the U.S. citizens.But, according to aolnews.com "intelligence reports based on the webchat, the sources along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and interrogated or arrested suspected militants in the region suggest that the story focused the potential of Great Britain, Denmark, France and Germany. " Upload week, an anonymous call from a phone booth called a bomb threat, causing everyone to evacuate the Eiffel Tower.

Axis locations, so American travelers should be informed to stay away from, also it was very vague, as government officials gave no exact locations. Aolnews.com also provided information to government officials, he said, "The government and private interest and public transport systems and tourism infrastructure Others, s been targeted as well as rail and metro systems."

Does this mean Americans should not travel to Europe? According to msnbc.msn.com, Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary of state, said: "We're not saying do not travel to Europe.We not saying do not visit the main tourist parks or historic sites or monuments." This is good advice and places where terrorists target tourists and residents clause are frequent, the wine that cause collateral damage. Government officials believe that al-Qaeda terrorist plots behind the thesis. According to news.scotsman.com, "the camera warnings increased after British intelligence officials intercepted a week, credible al-Qaida plot past."

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