Wednesday, September 29, 2010

national coffee day

national coffee day

Here it is, it's called Buzz-It-Up Wednesday Summary of consumer news from around the web:

- Pet medications can be expensive. To reduce the bite, has a growing number of pet owners looking for online discounts. But our friends at the Food and Drug Administration to say that this is not always a good idea. The agency says that some online companies are unapproved drugs for pets, sale of old drugs and counterfeit products for dogs and cats. And some fraudulent claims of their drugs for pets, or waiver of prescription drugs, without the written order of a veterinarian, says the agency. Play wisely: Fido no commitment to dubious means.

- Tough times for Jack. Fast food giant Jack in the Box says it is 40 underperforming stores to close, especially in the Southeast and Texas, because people in these parts are not buying enough cats Jumbo. The company lowered its earnings expectations for the year and says that the high rate of unemployment is due. In fact, I think people tend to eat more fast food in difficult times, so maybe Jack should take a look at what's on the menu.

- The National Coffee Day (woo-hoo!). You probably already know that over a third of U.S. workers consumed two or more cups of coffee during the day, and that about 40% of employees say they are less productive without coffee. But what you probably did not know is that you can get a coffee or tea shops joe Wednesday at Dunkin 'Donuts to get, and will be holding a portion of the proceeds of the sale, even donating to Special Olympics. Starbucks, by contrast, has no barrel gifts as part of this glorious national holiday.

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