Thursday, September 23, 2010

katy perry sesame street

katy perry sesame street

All children who spent their best Daisy Dukes "Sesame Street" Katy Perry unveils its going to be so grumpy.Thursday morning, the PBS children's program announced that a planned action by Perry, the queen of unseemly bra whipped cream, was also canceled. On Monday, a clip of Perry wearing a wedding dress cutting, singing a G-rated version of his hit "Hot N Cold" and calling "play" with Elmo, leaked onto the web. Parents, outraged by the C-cup, highlighting Perry dress, immediately protested. "You'll have to [Sesame Street] to change the name of Division Avenue," wrote one commenter, while others simply joked: "My son now wants to milk."

In response, "Sesame Street" segment started to be created later this year as part of the season 41 of the series. Sesame Street is always written on two levels, the child and the adult, "a spokesman said in a statement. "We use skits and celebrity adult segments of interest in the show because we know that children learn best when simultaneous viewing with a parent or caregiver. We also appreciate feedback from our viewers, especially those of the parents. In the light of the comments we have received in the video for Katy Perry, which was released only on YouTube, we decided we were not the segment of the television, Sesame Street, which is aimed at children of air. "

Perry is quite sad because his street cred with the "Sesame Street" has established a success. "I can tell everyone how to get to Sesame Street!" To Twitter this morning. "I've been, Elmo and leave." Some fans have taken to the Web for their defense, insisting that she is being punished for a little bent. Others wonder why all the controversy? "Shit, people," wrote one angry commenter YouTube. "Yes, women have breasts. "

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