Monday, September 27, 2010

jimmy raye

jimmy raye

If you already have in the league long enough, chances are you've learned something from Jimmy Raye.Spend even 30 minutes in a room with Raye, regardless of the level of tenure or degree of jadedness, do you feel when Sat Even a football tutorial.But was one reason why head coaches, Mike Singletary is the latest example, Jimmy Raye entrusted to their transgressions, too. Because I knew it was a wise old hand, a throwback, old school for sure, but a guy who knew football.

Pity Raye, who was fired Monday as the San Francisco offensive coordinator, could not 34 years of wisdom from some players. Difficult to obtain but difficult to deny.Raye would say the closer the head of a seven-seven exercises, closer not only a head coach. Despite an offensive coordinator for seven times, never Raye coach the next step. Interviewed several times, always ended Raye bridesmaid. Too bad, because, as history has often shown, there is a lot of coaches in history could hardly tell one from an X O. Raye could, but do not seem to matter.

Brutally honest most of his more than three decades in the league, handed down for years on inequalities in hiring practices in the NFL long before it became fashionable to coaches who were not white or racial diversity is the mandate to promote, Raye was probably the victim of his outspokenness. But man is essentially a walking encyclopedia of football knowledge.There was one reason that seven teams hired as coordinator Raye, one of the reasons that bounced off both and both collected luggage tags. Let's face it, in a dozen years of calling plays, the teams are ranked statistically only once in the 10 offenses in the league. Seven times, including this season, Raye crimes nominal 20 or worse.

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