Tuesday, September 28, 2010

charles whitman

charles whitman

The man fired a few rounds, but no one else was reported injured, according to reports. A second shooter is wanted by the Austin, Texas, campus of the tower sniper Charles Whitman killed 14 in 1966.

Reporting from Atlanta - A gunman with an automatic weapon killed himself after allegedly firing a few rounds in the morning in a library at the University of Texas at Austin campus, the scene of one of the first shots and the most notorious history American campuses, according to the academic and local reports.

Although no injuries were reported, half authorities.On shooter is wanted for its website, the university reported at 9:43 am CDT to "PCL Library suspected shooter is dead," referring to the Perry-CastaƱeda Library, the library huge main campus. "Police are seeking a second suspect. If you are out of school, stay away. If you're on campus, the doors, not leaving the building."

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