Wednesday, September 29, 2010

abbie boudreau

abbie boudreau

It's hard to know even where to start with this: James O'Keefe, the conservative director whose videos secrets are destroying the community organization ACORN group activities, apparently tried to CNN correspondent Abbie Boudreau potentially attract a boat full of dildos and pornography, where he planned to seduce her as a hidden camera filmed the whole thing imitation.

CNN, the story here, and Boudreau explained what happened in the video below. This is what happened: CNN had worked on a documentary about young conservative activists, including O'Keefe, August 10, O'Keefe requested a private meeting with Boudreau, suggesting that he only wanted to talk because he felt uncomfortable "to let the people of my kind of sanctuary."

O'Keefe recorded the conversation without telling Boudreau, or by email to friends and colleagues. (Ultimately, they ended up in the hands of CNN.) In the email, said he was "closer" to reach Boudreau and asked a colleague as "you think you may have on the boat." Boudreau said later that she realized that she would meet with O'Keefe in his office.

If Boudreau presented to the meeting in Maryland a week later was covered by Izzy Santa, the executive director of the group O'Keefe, Veritas project. Santa asked a visibly nervous Boudreau CNN correspondent to speak in the rented car, where Santa found that O'Keefe was an attempt to set up.

And what a facility it was. "Izzy told me that James was dressed and strawberries and champagne on the boat, and he was going to save all the time," Boudreau Keefe recounts.O 'come at last, Boudreau and had a brief conversation with him, said he had no permission to film, she refused on the boat, and soon left.

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