Tuesday, September 28, 2010

austin news

austin news

Boy, that was fun, right? If you are one of the lucky ones to Austin, you know what I'm talking about: a big football game, a big party before the game, great BBQ and an amazing night in Austin.For those who only observe from your living room, maybe you missed one of the most amazing experiences I think I had as a Bruin fan (located in the Ben Ball Warriors win in Oakland and Adam Morrison, Gonzaga 13 - 9). Also big props to all the Bruins, who came, crossed the 100 heat, the sun is bad, the sticky humidity and cheered their hearts out for the Bruins. Meet the players could hear us, hiding in our corner of the upper deck of the stadium, really made it special.

More on my journey to the heart of Texas, after jump.Before go, I have to give special recognition to the fans of the Texas Longhorns and the good people of Austin. I have a lot of games in college football and I've never met a group of fans who were so kind, polite and smart as the people wearing orange in Austin. I'm not sure that our schools are very similar (large academic institutions with elite athletics) or if our mutual hatred for U $ C (thanks to Vince Young!), But I've never had a better interaction with an opposing base of fans that I did this weekend.

In a rapid destruction of the burnt orange Coeds were great. Let's say I'm a big fan of short skirts and jeans boots.Before the game, Texas fans were very friendly, talk football, congratulating us on the demolition of Houston (which is definitely the redheaded stepchild of Texas, at least Longhorn fans agree), and more than willing to drink beer with us. After wandering from bar to bar and back-to-back (with HT uclaron1 to its long list), I was ready for the game.

Of course it is easy to be friends with an opponent weaker non-conference is expected to get around and sacrifice. If your team loses, it's a completely different story for most sports (especially some of the crashes in other programs Pac-10), but not in Austin. Even if the BCS national title hopes and dreams evaporate before their eyes, yet fans of Texas, kind and congratulations.

Two examples really bring the message to me. During the game, some drunk jackass Frat type species are not too far from me and some other Bruin fans. As the game went on, more and more belligerent and uses a wide range of unpleasant homophobic insults, racist, or just flat-UCLA fans in his section. Every school has kids like that, but not all schools are treated as Texas does. Sometime during the quarter, a fan of older people in Texas approached the officer told the authors, and, like his days in DKR was done. As fans entered early, a couple passed by the UCLA group of people who were with and apologized for the classless trash drunken Frat boys had said. That was pretty impressive.

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