Thursday, September 23, 2010

bishop eddie long pictures

bishop eddie long pictures

Bishop Eddie Long The scandal continues today after a series of photos published on the Web. These pictures are reported to young male members of his congregation. These men are now suing over forced to have sex with him.

These images were obtained by the plaintiffs' attorney BJ Bernstein, and they can use long spandex and take pictures of herself in the bathroom to see. Bernstein added, which is in possession of text messages sent by Bishop Eddie Long.Moreover, Long's lawyer Craig Gillen said:"The photos do not match the costs. [Bishop Long] is a health advocate, is a weightlifter. He is a guy who goes to work and goes to a muscle shirt. And I know he can appear in the church with a muscle shirt. There is nothing in those photos that seems to support these allegations. "Well, it is odd for a bishop to take these pictures! We'll have to wait for the SMS messages reveals more about the scandal.

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