Thursday, September 23, 2010

pledge to america

pledge to america

Republicans say that "in his" promise "that the" door built a process of listening to people say is our promise to the United States. "

Remember that "America Speaking Out"? That is the public platform of the GOP door to hear what America wanted to work, what matters for real Republicans, and everyone could die enough attention to the website. It did not care what America wants. Here is Think Progress Fang Lee

Guess what is the commitment? Yes, er Niets is more than "Stop Outsourcing Jobs met U.S. to other countries to death should not be taxed in the U.S. and stop the tax incentives given to die This outsourcing company die."

Satisfied entry this morning, when the Republicans were polishing their "promise" to liberate all of America, stop the outsourcing of jobs and ending the death tax limitations this outsourcing company received was the number one site idea web. TP I have a screenshot:

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