Friday, September 24, 2010

jeff zucker

jeff zucker

Occasionally bad economic news hits, but the stock market does not tank, because traders saw it coming. That is the way to Hollywood news today on the departure of Jeff Zucker as the head of NBC Universal greeting: Although the timing was a bit unexpected - "It's a total surprise," said an executive of Peacock Vulture ago - this is the result of most people around the city had waited for months. That does not mean there is not much to celebrate in the Hollywood types - or the audience, many of whom have come to love Zucker, rightly or wrongly, with the transformation of the home of the NBC television must see network of Emeril, Good Morning, Miami, Conan debacle, and Ben Silverman.

"About to board a plane, otherwise it would have a party," a top broker-mail TV Vulture. "Finally, the world makes sense again, [but] it was more fun to kick him while he was planning." A top police and Zucker joked that he really wanted. "I hope you start a business of moonlit crushes rivals and [former ABC chief] Steve McPherson" And a superior network insider gave this song: .. "If Jeff decides to move to play Vegas with David Copperfield What Jeff always looks impressive is his ability under fire No one responds faster and with more courage than Jeff exciting But sometimes, it is often a game of hands conceals the lack of leadership qualities more important things like -. prudence and firm belief in guiding ideas or principles great act, but I defy anyone to tell me what it really represents. "

Zucker animosity toward Hollywood was born long before he ascended into first place in the peacock. After seasons of running the Today Show and NBC Nightly News, Zucker spent the first part of the last decade running the entertainment division of NBC. It was during this period that he and Hollywood learned to hate others. Zucker, known for its simplicity and short attention span, he had little patience for the shock of the Hollywood game. Producers and agents, meanwhile, felt Zucker had no respect for what they did, and never tried to learn how things work. "Hollywood is a tough place. You can not control the class," said the leader of a vulture.

Industry species being very unforgiving of Zucker's most controversial decisions: to get rid of the alignment of the NBC comedy on Thursday to make room for the new apprentice in 2004. "The bloody jewel in the crown of NBC must-see Thursday," said a top agent. "He put a fucking reality show in the middle of it, and corrupted the largest brand of television broadcasting."

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