Tuesday, November 9, 2010

carnival splendor fire

carnival splendor fire

A cruise ship stranded offshore after a fire in the engine cut off the power supply is slowly pulled into the Mexican port, but it will not arrive until at least Wednesday, the U.S. Coast Guard said today.

One of 3,299 passengers and 1,167 crew, the Carnival Splendor was hurt when a fire broke out early Monday 200 miles south of San Diego, California. The cruise operator, Carnival Cruise Lines, which is in Miami, said the ship's air conditioning, hot water and phone service is not working, but the additional power connector is permitted with toilet and cold running water should be restored by Monday night.

The Coast Guard and the American and Mexican Navy deployed aircraft and ships to assist the stricken vessel, which drifted about 55 miles off the coast of northern Mexico Baja.Two seagoing tugs, outsourced Ensenada port, is expected to back the ship, accompanied by a Coast Guard cutter about twenty tomorrow.

The passengers taken by bus to California, "said Joyce Oliva, a Carnival spokesman. As the passengers for reward, the Splendor will be towed back to Long Beach, California - a journey that will be the day, so passengers are dropped off the Mexican first.The U. S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was diverted to assist the vessel. Credit, including bread, utensils, cups, milk, canned food and other items also flew to Reagan, where the helicopters also hit them to the ship.

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