Friday, November 5, 2010

mehserle sentencing

mehserle sentencing

Los Angeles Court of Appeals Judge Robert Perry sentenced a former police officer, John Mehserle BART is two years. Get a loan for the period July served.Mehserle convicted of negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of 22 year old Oscar III Grant of the fruit Vale Oakland BART platform.

The case began nearly two years ago, when Mehserle drew his pistol and shot Grant in the back of the 22 year old man lay off the fruit Vale Hayward BART platform.The shooting led directly to the racial tensions and led Oakland to a pair of so many violent protests, said the death highlighted the long-term care of the police abuse of minorities. The case was eventually moved to Los Angeles because of safety issues and the heavy media coverage of the murder.

After the shooting, sometimes chaotic scene at the station, which began with a call to the dispatch of an early New Year's Day, calls for officials to respond to a fight in a Dublin-bound train.
Videos about the shooting, and the events before and after it became a decisive evidence of the case. BART police training and the history of the police is mixed with tasers guns played a role in the process.

David Stein, Deputy Attorney General argued that the training Mehserle revealed that he planned to kill support. Defense counsel argued that insufficient training in the use of tasers Michael Rains BART was the main reason Mehserle mistake.

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