Thursday, November 4, 2010

lil wayne out of jail

lil wayne out of jail

Rapper Lil Wayne was in New York's Rikers Island jail on Thursday and was to fly to Miami for the Welcome Home party's own record label, a publicist said. The studio soon to finish work on new music, writer Kia Selby said. Lil Wayne, whose legal name Dwayne Carter, where he began a jail time for gun possession charges in March last year.

Former President Bill Clinton, asked about Lil Wayne is a radio show this week, Lil Wayne to stay ahead of trouble in the future. "This man is smart and has the ability, and he got a chance now," Clinton said. "We hope that this will not only mark him something like a nice guy, but this will never happen to him." The New York conviction stems from his arrest in 2007, outside the Beacon Theatre in New York City. According to police, Carter was a .40 caliber pistol on his tour bus. His lawyer said that it belonged to someone else.

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